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Product Overview

Celbar is a blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers, organic in nature, treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals. When sprayed in place, the interlocking fibers result in a mass which produces excellent sound and thermal properties.

Celbar is pneumatically spray-applied in wall and floor/ceiling cavities to form a monolithic coating. This process seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing and electrical outlets, vent ducts and other irregularities. There are no compressed areas or voids to allow sound leaks, R value reductions, or air infiltration.

Celbar provides superior sound transfer control demanded by building designers, owners and occupants. Celbar assemblies perform closer to lab tested STC ratings in the field than do other conventional batt and sound board systems. This is due to the complete coverage and the sealing action of Celbar.

Celbar's R value of 3.8 per inch allows you to design exterior wall systems with higher total R values. However, R value alone is not the only measure of a product's thermal effectiveness. To obtain maximum thermal efficiency, air infiltration must be minimized. Sprayed in place Celbar conforms to any substrate, around pipes, obstructions, and over cracks, reducing air infiltration and forming a highly efficient and effective thermal barrier. It can be sprayed to virtually any exterior stud or furred cavity, and in most cases the wall can be closed up the same day.

In a series of tests, five identical buildings were monitored for KWH usage over an eleven month period. One building utilized sprayed cellulose on the walls, and the other four utilized fiberglass batt insulation. Upon conclusion, the cellulose-insulated building saved 32% of the KWH usage of the other buildings.

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